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Advocacy training for CNC members: 22-24 January 2014, Tbilisi (Georgia)

Advocacy training for CNC members took place from 22-24 January, 2014, in Tbilisi (Georgia). Representatives of the following organizations took part in the training: Sintem (Russia), Bridge of Hope (Armenia), Society Biliki (Georgia), BUTA (Azerbaijan), Orran (Armenia), Association of Teachers of Ingushetia (Russia). Training was hosted by the association Civic Development Institute.

This training was dedicated to the analysis and elaboration of a strategic and communications plan, as well as to the very concept of advocacy. It was decided to set up an advisory board, which will determine the direction of advocacy activities. One of the main activities would be the promotion of inclusive education, viewed as a possibility for all children, regardless of their ability, to have access to general education.


CNC’s goals within this area are: facilitate the equal access to quality education for all children, promote awareness and positive attitudes towards inclusive education by informing the public about the results of the inclusive education programmes. A range of economic, legal and social issues was raised. In this regard, the global laws and CNC member countries local laws should be analyzed, as well as the international practice and its application.


Training participants determined target groups that should be informed about the necessity of inclusive education. First of all, these target groups are legislative and executive structures related with the educational area, partners and sponsors. It is also important to involve intellectuals, artists and sportspeople in this process, because they have influence on public opinion. Various methods will be used in this regards: workshops, seminars, round tables, meetings at local and international level will be organized.