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CNC Advocacy Campaigns

On June-December 2013, a variety of advocacy actions under the slogan “Give every Child education, Give Every Child a Chance” were carried out by the CNC members in the region of North and South Caucasus.

Since June 2013 CNC, the CNC member organizations, carried out a coordinated advocacy campaign in Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and the Russian region of Northern Caucasus. The overall objective of the advocacy actions was to raise awareness on the rights of vulnerable children in the Caucasus to inclusive quality education. In addition, the attitudinal, environmental and legal obstacles that hamper the children to implement their rights on equal basis with their other peers were challenged.


Raise Awareness

The actions were carried out during the period of June-December 2013, and many events were planned around the date of December 3 – United Nations’ International Day of Persons with Disabilities.
CNC members participated in the actions in correspondence to their regular activities for the benefit of their target groups, and in accordance to the goals and the mission of the CNC. The plans for the country advocacy campaigns had been shared with the whole Network, and the results and experience from the coordinated campaign were discussed at the CNC General Assembly.
With their actions, the CNC members could convey the message of inclusion – the main focus of the CNC activities – to the broader public.


Activities organised in CNC countries

If you want to learn more about the activities in the individual countries, please go here

Armenia (PDF file, approx. 1,2 MB)

Azerbaijan (PDF file, approx. 1,1 MB)

Georgia (PDF file, approx. 1,2 MB)

Russian Federation (PDF file, approx. 550 KB)