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CNC becomes known through humanitarian actions

Within the framework of advocacy activity of the Caucasus Network for Children (CNC), Support to Social Development Public Union “Umid” (“Hope” SSD PU) held a series of humanitarian activities in the Azerbaijani cities of Sumgait and Shabran.

Together with Sumgait representative of “SOS” Children's Villages Association, in the sanatorium “Energetic”, a humanitarian activity for children and youth from poor families and from families of refugees and internally displaced persons provided free hairdressing and cosmetology services. These services are provided by youth who have passed professional courses to become hairdressers and beauticians within the framework of the “Umid” project, “Increase of Vocational Skills for Refugees, IDPs and Vulnerable Youth and Provision of Employment Opportunities”, supported by the United Nations High Commissioner for refugees (UNHCR).

During the campaign, 14 young hairdressers gave 67 children hairdressing and cosmetology services. This action not only helped to develop the skills they have acquired, but also helped to teach them the principles of humanism. Furthermore, this event allowed the children who received free service to increase their knowledge of sanitation. A similar event also took place in the Special Boarding School for children with disabilities in Sumgait. 54 students of this school were involved in this humanitarian activity.

The final event of this type took place in the village Garadagli in the Shabran region, where a boarding school for children from poor families is situated. During the event, 7 young professional barbers gave services to 45 of the school’s students. The district administration, the village municipality, and parents participated in the event and highly appreciated this activitty. It should be noted that young professionals have received appropriate knowledge and skills within the framework of “Rural Sustainable Development Initiative”, implemented by “Umid” with financial support of European Union.

In all above mentioned events, participants were given information about the aims and objectives of the CNC, as well as the activities of “Umid” in the work of the Network.