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Fidan conquers Europe

The success story of Fidan Garayeva

The youngest winner

During the last years, there is much successful participation in international competitions of knowledge among Azerbaijani pupils. Nowadays one more pupil has caught success. Fidan Garayeva who is a 13 years old pupil one of Baku school, did not only win VIII European Girls Mathematical Olympiad (European Girls Mathematical Olympiad — EGMO)  but also started to be recognized as the youngest medalist in the history of the Olympiad. She won a bronze medal in 13 years.

We have got informed about Fidan in the center for preparation for the Olympic Games functioning in Lyceum with a bias of mathematics, physics, and informatics. The student Ismet Agayev who at his leisure times shared the knowledge and experience of participation in the similar Olympiads told us about her. “Among those children who attend courses, there are many talented. However, Fidan Garayeva at her 7th grade has a special talent. In spite of the fact that she is the smallest among listeners of a course, however during the exams she showed one of the best results”.

Fidan who recently studies in the school number 257 in Baku, has got the opportunity to train in the center where it is prepared for the Olympiads, bypassing the selection process for that international Olympiad.

Specialists consider in such kind of international olympiads, age does not have paramount importance in most cases. Sometimes, students in 9th grade get a better result than the ones who are in the 11th grade. According to this experience, Fidan’s teachers certainly notice that she will soon win in the competition, although she competes with older pupils than her.


And this is the successful result

She was the winner and at the same time, the youngest winner of VIII European Girls Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO) in Ukraine. There were 196 pupils from 36 countries, such as USA, Canada, Australia, India and so on who were taking part in the Olympiad.

“Every day we were given 3 difficult mathematical tasks. But, I correctly solved them”, - Fidan Garayeva says, that her mathematical talent appeared when she was 7, and since she is 8 years old, she solved complex problems: “The father is a mathematician. He teaches at one of the universities of Mexico. Since my childhood, I have learned Maths from my father. On the return to Azerbaijan, I continued to study mathematics both at school and at home, and in the center for preparation for the international Olympiad of knowledge”.

It should be emphasized that Fidan’s bronze award is the first award among our pupils who have started to participate in the European Girls Mathematical Olympiads since 2016. But this is not her first medal. The first time when she has got a gold medal, was in Mathematics Olympiad in Mexico when she was 9. She is not sufficient only with Maths, but also she is keen on learning different foreign languages and loves to read. “In my free times, I solve many mathematics tasks. Moreover, I read books in Spanish”.


Meeting with Minister of Education

Minister of Education of Azerbaijan Jeyhun Bayramov has met with Fidan Garayeva. The Minister has congratulated 13-year-old Fidan and mentioned that the country is proud of her success as the youngest winner of European Girls Mathematical Olympiad. F.Garayeva has thanked the Minister of Education and talked about her future plans. She has highlighted that, after that, she will strive for representing our country in the international knowledge competitions, as better as she can. In this meeting, many gifts were presented to the winner of the Olympiad and the memory photo was taken.



June 2019