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“I dream being Nobel Prize laureate in the future”

The success story of Reyhan Jamalova

In a simple autumn day in 2002, a girl named Reyhan was born in an ordinary family in one of the northern regions of Azerbaijan, in Guba. Reyhan’s mother – Ulduz Jamalova – says that from the first sight she was calm and silent, but at the same time, there is ocean waving insider of her. And this potential did not wait for long to show itself.

She started going to Guba secondary school of natural sciences and since the 5th grade, she started studying at “İstək” Lyceum (“Desire”) collecting high score in the entrance exam.


15 years old inventor

As the father of the heroine of our today's story Rauf Jamalov tells, since the childhood Reyhan differed from peers by her talent and interest in scientific inventions and now she is fond of science and invention, showing excellent results in physics, chemistry, and mathematics. We were always watching documentaries about science and discussing the material we watched. And Reyhan always asked if it is possible to generate energy from the sun, water, and wind, why do not we try to make it with help of rain? ”.

And here, there was a chance to show her abilities, and Reyhan used this chance. She presented demo version of the project by naming it “Rainergy” (structure generating energy by rainwater) when she participated in a contest announced at “İstək” Lyceum. Without wishing to stop on the achieved result, the young inventor tried to improve the project and sent it to the countrywide competition “New Idea”. Reyhan received a set of positive reviews by the organizers of the competition and she was inspired by success, continued working in this direction. Her project has also reached the Azerbaijani final of the international competition “Climate Launchpad” which has been organized by the popular Platform “Social Innovation Lab”. In the final, Reyhan won “Best startup” nomination according to the audience.


The equipment named Rainergy invented by Reyhan and her school friends and mentors consist of 4 key parts - a collector of rainwater, the tank, the electric generator and the battery. The system works as follows: water comes to the tank through a collector and proceeds via the generator with high speed, develops the electric power.


Ivanka Trump has been inspired by Reyhan’s brilliant mind

And Reyhan was invited to participate in the GES – Global Entrepreneurship Summit taking place in India where she became one of the semifinalists and one of the youngest participants of this event.

She presented her startup and invention on the processing of rainwater in the electric power that can be an essential alternative energy source for inhabitants of the equatorial strip with plentiful monsoonal rains, having reduced load of power lines.

The device has drawn the attention of the head of the delegation of the USA at the summit, the adviser of the White House Ivanka Trump has noted Reyhan's achievement from Azerbaijan in her opening speech at the summit it.

“Today together with us there is Reyhan Jamalova from Azerbaijan. She is only 15 years old, but it hasn't prevented her to create a startup on power production from rainwater”, - said Ivanka Trump, asking her to stand up so that people could see her.

“Reyhan has a slogan: “Every time light up a home!” - said Ivanka Trump and added: “Reyhan, every house you brought light, lightened the whole world and we all are inspired by your brilliant mind and the efforts you made”.


Reyhan’s education played a crucial role in her success

“I have been shocked and excited when Ivanka Trump has mentioned my name in the speech mentioning my achievements. For me it was a great honor”, - said Reyhan.

She is convinced that in the success the leading role was played by her parents who have created all conditions for receiving the quality education and, of course, those teachers of Lyceum where the heroine of our story studies which have helped her to fulfill the dream.

 “In the future, I want to be an astrophysicist and I dream becoming the Nobel Prize laureate”, – Reyhan Jamalova shared her big plans.


Victories are achieved in team

The team of the Rainergy project includes school friends of Reyhan Jamalova – Zahra Gasimzada and also mentors from among specialists in this subject – Leyla Taghizada, Jasur Hasanov, and Asif Ibrahimov.

According to Leyla Tagizade, she is familiar with Reyhan and other members of the team of “Rainergy” since April of last year when children participated in the competition CLP. Since that moment within the last 9 months, there was their collaboration over improvement of the project.

“Reyhan definitely has a brilliant mind and great passion for this workу”, – mentioned Leyla Taghizada, who participated in GES 2016.

As Reykhan says, according to the recommendation of the tutor Leyla Tagizada they submitted the application for participation in the GES 2017 and their application has been approved. “GES 2017 – it is very interesting and intensive platform in terms of new communications and opportunities. My future plans concerning the Rainergy project include starting it in the global market with the assistance of the government”, – mentions Reyhan.


Young inventors were valued by the government

First Vice-President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva has met with young inventors Reyhan Jamalova and Zahra Gasimzade, who founded world-known start-up “Rainergy”.

First Vice-President Mehriban Aliyeva said that she is very happy that Azerbaijan has such young talents. Noting that she is proud that such young generation is growing up in Azerbaijan, Mehriban Aliyeva said the government will provide necessary support for their project, and. The First Vice-President said attention will be paid to young talents and small startups.