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“Let's read together!”

Grandiose “Reading day” holiday organized in Heydar Aliyev Park in Baku

The event with “Let’s read together” slogan was dedicated to increasing interest to books, improving reading habits and culture among children, teenagers, and youth in Azerbaijan. The event was organized by Heydar Aliyev Center, Ministry of Education, National Academy of Sciences and “Hədəf Nəşrləri” publishing house.  

The "Reading day" aimed increasing interest of teenagers and youth in reading, development of reading skills and the event attracted the great interest of children, parents, teachers. Anar Alakbarov, Assistant to the first-vice President and Director of Heydar Aliyev Center, Firudin Gurbanov, Deputy Minister of Education, Mahabbat Valiyeva, Head of the Education Department of Baku city, public figures, education and art specialists and creative youth participated in the event. 



Pupils of school No. 245 of the Khatai district of Baku has presented art and scenic composition according to the work by Lewis Carroll “Alice in Wonderland” in English. Ulviya Ismayilova, Director of the school mentioned that the event was organized in high level and attracted great interest: “The government pays special attention to education and art, realizes a vast number of projects and organizes contests among youth and children. Each intellectually developed citizen of our country, undoubtedly, makes a big contribution to the development of Azerbaijan. This year English Learning Center established in our school with the support of Ministry of Education, Baku city Education Department and the British Council which supports students to acquire profound knowledge of English language.  The books create the opportunity for students not only for getting knowledge and idea but also to learn cultural and moral values, learn to understand beauty and creativity, which are the basis of education and creativity.


10th-grade pupils of school no.234 named after Emin Aliyev of Khazar district of the capital prepared a dramatized theatre play of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Julieta” in English.  The principal, the philologist and literary critic Konul Mammadli has noted that “Day of reading” has coincided the birthday of Shakespeare: «The action is a milestone event in the cultural and educational sphere of the city, promotes social progress, education of younger generation, the formation of the intellectually developed youth. There are people who didn't read books, but having seen with own eyes these colorful statements, undoubtedly, will want to appear in the world of literature and education».


Pupils of school No. 91 of the Sabail district of Baku prepared a dramatized number according to the work by Jaleel Mammadguluzada “The deceased”. Student of 10th grade Taleh Ahmadov considers that classic literature is conformable with our day: “Often parents complain that modern children don't like reading at all – they like watching TV more, playing on the smartphone and the computer, plunging into the virtual world. What can save them? Of course, love to books and fiction which will become the key to success not only for school years but also in adulthood. That is why the most famous and popular movies and animation are often shot according to literary works. However, even very successful screen version won't replace the pleasure of reading the good book”.



Pupils of more than 40 comprehensive schools, lyceums, and centers of arts have shown the guests various presentations, the dramatized numbers prepared on the basis of works of art, performances pantomimes and other compositions, and about 30 publishing houses and libraries have presented their books in the fair-exhibitions.