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“One Question about Education”

Children have an equal right to have access to education. In Georgia not every child is able to get high a quality education. 

Civil Development Institute created a rubric “One Question about Education” in social media and periodically publishes interviews on important topics in education field with the representatives of different society: teachers, researchers, directors of education institutions, pupils, etc.


With this article, CDI presents the most interesting interview, where representatives of two different generations – mother (teacher) and her son (pupil) answered following question: 

- What kind of pupil should the school raise and what is the teacher's role in this process?



- In my opinion, the school has the obligation to raise a free-thinking person. Pupil should never fear to say whatever is on his/her mind, never be afraid to make a mistake. Teachers should promote the development of critical thinking in every pupil. As a teacher, I always try not to show pupils my thoughts on a particular topic. For this, I often try to provoke different opinions in the classroom.  When a person can express his opinion freely, it means he/she does not obey to the “standards”. Such people can think differently and does not matter in which field will they work in the future, they will have more opportunities to carry out, change and develop many things.

Mother: Elene Betlemishvili
Teacher at #3 Gori Public School




- Earlier, if we did not obey the teachers, they would show their anger. But times have changed and I think modern schools nowadays should have a different approach while teaching pupils. They should teach us how to think differently and share these thoughts freely. This will add more creativity in our lives and we will have a brighter future than we have now.  Teachers in modern schools should be gentle; they should tell us to do whatever we want. By saying this, I don’t mean they should allow us to destroy something nor do bad things, I only want to say that if they encourage us to work hard and think freely, this will guarantee creative, hard working persons. This is the answer on your question, I think.


Son: Nikoloz Miruashvili
Pupil of #3 Gori Public School



Author of the article - Teona Magalashvili