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Success story of Orkhan Aliyev

I was born as physically disable person. I don’t know, but maybe for this reason parents tried to help and support me in all. The diagnosis of doctors was Children Cerebral Paralysis. After years, I got to know that there are various degrees of this sickness. Fortunately, the degree of my sickness was not that high. With all personal matters, I tried to do on my own.

Due to the reason of inability to move by myself, I did the initial stage of education, study at home. However, once I said: I want to take a bag and go to school like other kids. My mom was supporting me morally and for the first time I went to school. Initially I was very much worried. Many thanks for classmates who were very sincere to me. In this way, in 2007 I have successfully completed secondary school.

It is time to go forward with the higher education – university. At the same time I accumulated all required documents and applied. For the first time I could not obtain enough grade for getting into the university. It did not change my optimistic view to the life. I worked on myself, read lots of interesting books, took part in various training and workshops. At international training (outside of the country), I tried to explain situation regarding to physically disabled people in our country and ways bettering their situation.   

In spare time I did sports. Some time ago I engaged to professional powerlifting. I was working hard and finally once in a good day all my life got changed. Once, I went forward to participate at serious competition. I was very worried and did not know what awaited me. But, at the same time, I was sure of myself. On my first tournament I won the bronze medal of Azerbaijan. I did not expect such a result. Encouraged further, I continued trainings and improved my results. The following competitions I managed to win the championship of Baku, even become a champion of Azerbaijan among the disabled in that kind of sport. Now I'm preparing for new competitions and new victories.

Gained knowledge and skills, permanent work on myself, interest in the sport gave me the opportunity to start working as a sports reporter on one of the websites. I got pleased from my work. I believe that if a person is engaged in favorite work, then he is very happy.

I try to live an active life and be in the community for as long as possible. I often get an invitation as a guest on various TV shows. With my peers, with disability, we prepare videos aimed at changing the attitude to us by society.

Education helped me to succeed in life. I am sure that all is in the hands of a mankind. If a person wants to, and will try, he can achieve everything he wants, and no physical limitations can prevent him. It is enough to have a desire and faith for achieving your dreams. I think that is the key to success and victory.