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Success Stories

Back to school (Success story)

Due to the pandemic in the world, face-to-face teaching in Georgian schools has been suspended since March 2020.


Success story of Daniel Nikoghosyan

In 2019 Daniel was chosen a representative of the beneficiaries of Orran to participate in a dinner with the nominees of the Aurora Humanitarian Foundation. 


Success story of Hrant Adajyan from Ijevan, Tavush Province

In the beginning it was chocolate that “made” me come to “Bridge of Hope”, later my friends were the ones to give me that sweetness.


The Success Story of Gor Balasyan, SMILE Project Beneficiary

Now my son is equally participatng in group activities.


Fidan conquers Europe

The success story of Fidan Garayeva


Karen Gasparyan regarding the importance of the state language

Karen Gasparyan was born in village Shaumiani, Marneuli municipality. After the graduation of Public School №1 he became a student of  Ilia State University at the Faculty of Computer Engineering. Karen is 20 years old and, at the same time,  he works  at  Georgian Public Broadcasting in an Armenian group, as the news  reporter.


The history of Nare Kazaryani's success

Approximately 5% of the population of Georgia is ethnic Armenians. It is essential for ethnic minorities to create the conditions that will help them to integrate into Georgian society.


Vusal Mamedov about education

Vusal Mamedov's success story


My family – the main support and motivation for success

The success story of Elvin Ismayilov


“I dream being Nobel Prize laureate in the future”

The success story of Reyhan Jamalova


The fortitude – the guarantee of success

The success story of Vusala Kerimova


This was a life-changing experience for me.

My name is Tatul Jilavyan, I am 16 years old. I live in the village of Koghb, in a traditional family of 6. I have a 22-year-old brother, Garik, and we both use wheelchairs. We are both infinitely grateful to our parents and grandmother who have always done their best to ensure a good education for us and to make sure that we are fully integrated into society by being involved in organizations that defend our rights.


Now I speak confidently about human rights.

I didn't know. I couldn’t quite decide what direction to head with respect to my future career until I took part in "Speaking of Myself". I applied for the competition, driven by my interest in expanding my knowledge, and in working with the caring and beloved staff of the program.  


New worldview, new skills, new way of thinking

Participating in the training, I started to feel that I was developing new positive qualities within me and attaining a new worldview, new skills, as well as a new way of thinking.


“We can everything”: this is the slogan of our life

We are 23 years old Ruzanna and Syuzanna, twin sisters, born in the village Koghb in Tavush  marz. 


Orran is changing the lives of children in Armenia

Orran is changing the lives of children of Armenia in need one child at a time.  The Austrian Development Agency, through Interkulturelles Zentrum is helping Orran to do so.  In a program called "Speaking of Myself" disadvantaged children are gaining skills in leadership, journalism and drama.


It is all about trust and being there for each other!

NEW HORIZONS program teaches and helps youth to develop a tolerant, diverse and democratic society, in which people are aware of their responsibility and different individuals with different backgrounds and culture get along well with each other.


Gained success by overcoming difficulties

There are now more than 500.000 people with disabilities in Azerbaijan. Our hero, Tural Aliyev, is one of them. 


Success Map

Success story of Murad Mammadov



Success story of Orkhan Aliyev