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“These children have become family for us”

There are children aged 5-18 years who are provided with food, clothes, necessary medical and rehabilitation services that live in social service institution for children with disabilities number 1 of the State Social Protection Fund under the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population of the Azerbaijan Republic.

The head of the institution Sevinj Malikova has noted that comprehensive conditions for normal accommodation of children and involvement them in the various rehabilitation activities are created after the basic repair and reconstruction which is carried out at the initiative of the First vice-president of Azerbaijan Republic Mehriban Aliyeva. Institution is equipped with the modern equipment and medicinal preparation, and also physical therapy, rehabilitation, first aid, functional diagnostics rooms where a number of important procedures is carried out, the 24-hour care centers, a conference hall, and sports and musical halls function here.

In the social service institution where rehabilitation rooms for conditioning of necessary physical abilities and skills, the groups promoting development of congenital talents and abilities, labour skills are created, the work on placing children in families is carried out (deinstitutionalization), and many children have already been placed in biological families or adopted. At present, 171 inmates live in institution on 200 places.

S.Malikova says: “The children who are brought up in institution, have become for us family because we are always together. Unfortunately, parents often forget about the children brought here. Two years ago one our inmate has been urgently operated. Then I looked for his family in order that they stayed with him in hospital. However parents weren’t interested in him at all. The child has recovered, we have brought him into institution again after operation. I have called his parents, have reported that their child is alive and healthy, but, unfortunately, any reaction hasn’t followed again.

Laman Gambarova was 5 years old when she was brought from Gazakh region. Parents of Lamangot divorced and threw out her into the street as an unnecessary thing. The biggest dream of the girl suffering from a cerebral palsy was to see her mother. Istarted looking for Laman's parents. Mother came. Even the flint-hearted person couldn't remain insensitive to a scene of their meeting…

There are several children in the institution who will be able to develop normally if would be surrounded with maternal care in the atmosphere of a family. For example, Kamran Ahmadov lived in the institution up to age of 18. Having acknowledged him lonely, on reaching him a certain age, we have sent him to other social institution. During preparation of his documents it became known that Kamran's mother died, and the father lives in Baku and isn't interested in destiny of the son …”

The head of the institution continues a conversation: “Nijat Babayev who was brought up in due time under our care was born in 1993, has get the apartment in “The house of leavers” of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the population. Constantly contacts, take advice from us on many questions. He has no relatives, and calls me mother.

One of those who has various genetic diseases in our institution is Tarana Baylarova. In spite of the fact that she is 30 years old, physically she is like ten-year-old child. Sometimes she becomes angry, takes offense at life, protests. She also needs maternal care. Parents continue to live life, without remembering them.

However it doesn't concern all parents. There are also such parents who regularly visit the children, take away them in a native home, on walk, trips to regions of the country. One of inmates of the institution Elvin Abbasov participated in the new sport championship – a bocce in the Barcelona, Spain in 2015. It is the greatest success for us, and we watch his victories. Sometimes it isn't necessary to judge parents who have handed over us the children. As they need the special care and constant attention”.


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It should be noted that the institution cooperates with various local and international non-governmental organizations. Each year members of the foreign organizations come to the institution, spend time with children, take them on sea walk, and take reasonable care. Children will wait for them this summer too. Co-chairmen of the Anglo-Azerbaijani society, Professor Nargiz Pashayeva and the member of the House of Lords of the British parliament Lord Herman often visit the social service institution and realize social projects here.